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    There are times when we feel so alone, we feel invalidated even with family member and friends around. We feel that no one understands us and we seem to be hiding behind a façade as we live day-by-day.....

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    Individually, we carry a dream with us, a half-fulfilled dream that will need that special someone to complete it. When we meet that special someone, we begin to see the fulfilment of this dream together...

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    Process Group: a meet up on a regular basis for the purpose of self-discovery ...


    Support Group: connects people together, for those facing similar issues, focusing on specific situation or condition ...


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A personal message from the therapist



  • Personal Counselling
  • Marriage Counselling
  • Group Therapy
  • DISC
  • T-JTA
  • Grief Recovery Method

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  • When do you think you need help?
  • How to choose a therapist?
  • What to expect?

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