Central to the group process is the opportunity for members to talk as openly as they possibly can about their interactions and experiences of each other as well as any aspects of the group experience that may come to mind. By engaging with one another on different emotional levels, individuals can freely gain wider perspectives about the various ways they relate to their inner world, or unconscious, and how this becomes reflected in their relationships with others.

As awareness increases, individuals may begin to recognize newly found aspects of themselves. It is within the supportive and relaxed atmosphere of the group experience that such feelings can be recognized, acknowledged, and replaced with conscious, uncontaminated choices in social behaviours and verbal attitudes. The courage to allow these kinds of meaningful connections to take place can help to resolve emotional conflicts and difficulties with feelings of mastery and empowerment.

For each individual, the rewards of creating a place that is their own can be a place that is very real and fully connected. It is a place to be who they are without the need to “fit-in” to a set pattern.

Just as individuals bring old learned behaviours and attitudes into the group they may take new ways of inter-relating outside the group. This may enable individuals to cultivate healthier inter-dependency with others, as well as increased expressions of mature and authentic intimacy.

(Source : goodtherapy.org)

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